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Our Service

The Mobile Appointment service replaces the outdated and inefficient current methods of accessing a registered dietitian in an medical office or clinical setting. We bring nutrition experts to where our users are making their important food and health decisions (i.e. in your home or at the grocery store). With the Mobile Appointment service, you may…

  • Choose your personal dietitian
  • Choose an appointment time to fit your schedule
  • Choose where you want to speak with your dietitian
  • Make an Appointment



Our Philosophy

Our belief is that what we use to nourish our bodies profoundly affects our everyday lives – today and in years to come. We are here to help others experience the joy of a healthy life. It’s our goal to empower each of our clients to eat well and to live well. As a team of licensed and registered dietitians, we are here to support our clients every step of the way to a balanced, holistic, and healthy way of eating.

- The On Demand Dietitian Team


Why On Demand Dietitian

Considering one’s diet is the greatest controllable determinant of one’s health, dietitians are capable of assisting with a myriad of health issues. On Demand Dietitian assists with:

  • Managing diabetes
  • Reducing cholesterol
  • Controlling blood pressure
  • Coping with a new diagnosis
  • Losing or gaining weight
  • Increasing energy and reducing fatigue
  • Improving mood and mental health
  • Understanding how diet affects chronic diseases
  • Implementing therapy for eating disorders
  • Training for athletic or sporting events
  • Controlling allergies and intolerances
  • And many more health conditions


Simply the best nutrition counseling experience I’ve ever had…affordable yet high quality.
Catherine L
Santa Rosa, CA
I learned creative yet practical ways to cope with my diabetes.
Stacy R
Tampa, FL
My Mobile Appointment was the first time I ever spoke to a dietitian since I am always busy from 9-5. I am so thankful On Demand Dietitian fits my schedule.
Tony F
Naperville, IL

Our Dietitians

Brett Curtiss RD
Brett Curtiss RD
Brett educates users about general nutrition and wellness and specialized in diabetes management and renal nutrition. Brett loves to make homemade garlic hummus and run along Chicago’s lakefront.
Jocelyn Lutkus RD, CSO, LDN
Jocelyn Lutkus RD, CSO, LDN
Jocelyn enjoys assisting patients with weight management and specializes in oncology nutrition. She loves to cook healthy, and her current favorite recipe is cauliflower mash.
Mary Ann Shannon RD
Mary Ann Shannon RD
Mary Ann empowers users during their weight management and weight loss journeys. She specializes in food sensitivities and diabetes education.
Alyson Slaughter RD
Alyson Slaughter RD
Alyson specializes in assisting clients transitions to a real-food based and gluten-free lifestyle. Alyson loves traveling, chocolate, and Nepali momos
Tisa N. Ross RD, LDN
Tisa N. Ross RD, LDN
Tisa specializes in renal nutrition, weight loss, and cardiovascular disease. In her spare time, she volunteers for inner-city non-for-profit organizations teaching teenagers the concepts of nutrition and healthy eating.
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Our Team

Sidonia Rose Swarm
Sidonia Rose SwarmCEO / Founder
Jenny Westerkamp
Jenny WesterkampDirector of Business Development
Elizabeth Zinsmeister
Elizabeth ZinsmeisterDirector of Nutrition and Recruitment